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I''m new to the forum and only found the site today but I like what I see and think I''ve been searching everywhere I find on the internet for designs of box sliding sash windows with double glazing and weather seals. I''m thinking mainly of joint design and details to avoid water ingress and pooling. I''ve got a big saving that I could spend on tooling up although I can''ll have to post some pictures of my 15 ft home made pole/router lathe. Proper bodge job.


Sparky04/03/2008 21:32:007631 forum posts
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Hi Andy

Welcome to this site

You could try Taunton''''_blank''''_blank''s a couple of books there that I hadn''m actually willing to pay for some designs and I''d willing pay a years subscription. 

Panel Cutter Plans Newhow to Panel Cutter Plans New for Thanks Andy

Sparky04/03/2008 22:56:007631 forum posts
22 photos

Panel Cutter Plans Newhow to Panel Cutter Plans New for Andy

I presume you''s one I found (you have most probably searched this lot anyway)

Panel Cutter Plans Newhow to Panel Cutter Plans New for >>> click here <<<

>>> do it yourself info <<<

>>> Google search <<< (sash windows)

>>> box sash the 1 last update 2020/07/13 search <<<>>> box sash search <<<


Andy Bell04/03/2008 23:37:00
156 forum posts
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the 1 last update 2020/07/13 Marc,Marc,

You''ve tried all the web searches 

Panel Cutter Plans Newhow to Panel Cutter Plans New for I''d not be willing. I could try the hardware / weights manufacture "Mighton" first. Thanks for another avenue I can explore.


Sparky04/03/2008 23:39:007631 forum posts
22 photos

No problems mate.

Good luck and let us know how you got on.

for 1 last update 2020/07/13 MarcMarc

derek willis05/03/2008 11:28:00
2314 forum posts
1 articlesAndy, Go to a decent timber merchant, not B&Q,  and you will get all the components for box sashes off the shelf, syles, bottom rail and bevelled meeting rail, cills are standard, the boxes themselves are costructed from ex. 100x25 outer, 75x25 inner and 100x25 divider, with a router table you can cut housing  for the divider and the parting bead which is also ex stock, sash bead is off the shelf, you could use your old rollers and weights or get spring balances, rout the box weight aperture in the divider and make a capping peice, If you take off one of your architraves you will see how to construct it is not very difficult, if rotting is about try as you''m going to be building these from scratch to accomodate double glazing, mounted from the inside and incorporating seals on the staff and parting beads. Also seals on the top and bottom of the sashes. I haven''ve noticed the same,everytime I see a sliding sash I have a look. Its more common to see rot on the bottom of the Box housing. Some maufacturers however advetise the cills being hardwood because of a roting problems. Could it just be a problem with the modern maufacturing design?

I''s old details like this that I keen to make sure I don''center''''''resizeImage(this);''298''350''ShowFullSize(this);''t collect behind.

Any input to this project will be greatfully received.

Cheers Andy

Mike Garnham05/03/2008 15:12:004114 forum posts
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I don''t tell them that this is so you can copy their stuff!) they may be willing/able to help.

If they can''t I?


JohnMcM05/03/2008 16:55:00134 forum posts
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Panel Cutter Plans Newhow to Panel Cutter Plans New for TRADA is a superb reference site for all wooden joinery including high performance wooden windows. You have to register to gain access to the data but it is worth the hassle of filling in an online form. I have not been spammed from it either.

see here




Sparky05/03/2008 19:16:007631 forum posts
22 photos


When your making a comment and want to add an image, look just above your writing and to the right of the smileys there is a little tree, click on that and follow the links to either getting a picture from your computer (which will go into your gallery) or, select from your can even get the '' (web site address) and copy from another web site.

I hope this helps mate.


Doug05/03/2008 20:21:00
3415 forum posts
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Andy this may or may no be of some use, i remember seeing Tommy Walsh in his trading places series, he goes to a window manufacturers & builds a sash window with an old boy who has been building sash windows all his life. The old boy tells Tommy about different construction methods, & which he thinks are the best.

As discovery are repeating the 1 last update 2020/07/13 his stuff all the while, i would think it would be on again soon.As discovery are repeating his stuff all the while, i would think it would be on again soon.


Sparky05/03/2008 21:09:007631 forum posts
22 photos


Andy hasnt got time to watch TV, have you seen the the 1 last update 2020/07/13 other 10 newel turnings he'' House EmporiumAndy hasnt got time to watch TV, have you seen the other 10 newel turnings he'' House Emporium

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